Sunday, November 28, 2004

Chapter 1 continuation

yes I am falling further and further behind on word count
but making real progress in the head work:


Einer sat by the steersman but his thoughts were still on the island he was leaving. How could he be so dumb getting dismissed like that from by Hafgrim his job as the farm manager and butler in Hov. The ten oarsmen were rowing lightly because the boat was riding the counter current northwards close to the cliffs of the southern point of Skúvoy.


One day Einer Suderoy had turned up at the Skúvoy landing place after getting fired from his job in Hov, which is on the southermost island of the Faroes.

There was a tiny beach at the mouth of the stream which ran through the handful of houses and dropped steeply through the low cliffs.

An eight oared boat was on its way to Sandoy and he had three chests and two bales to be carried by wading oarsmen through the shallows at the Skuvóy landing place.

Two little boys jumped up and down with excitement but all the smaller children shyly peered round their mothers' skirts

THIS STORY HAS TO BE ABOUT EMOTION TO GET ANYWHERE and the opening needs much much more warmth.


Thrond he had a shock head of red hair, and was freckled of face and right grim of look,

AND we are going to meet him at the midsummer TING on Tingness Tórshavn in chapter 2 or 3


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